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Posted on: May 9th, 2016 by Claudia Beebe

Acquiring original art is an important aesthetic to any home. It completes the design process and gives a personal touch. Original art comes in a variety of mediums; oils, watercolors, sculpture, glass, textiles, etc.




Award winning artist, Janice Rangel was recently at an exclusive event at bb interiors with a curated collection of her original art. Her pieces stirred the emotions of the attendees present. And the opportunity to meet the artist was a hit!


In Janice’s own words, “I find joy in the journey from the initial creative inspiration through its full expression. Utilizing my background in design, my paintings have deep rich colors and bold lines. Working in oil stick and pastel has allowed me a fluid freedom and rhythmic approach, which I use on a variety of surfaces. My intention is for people to connect with, and enjoy my artwork, and the inherent harmony between subject matter, color, and movement. My artwork presents my vision of the world, edgy and wrapped in an element of surprise.”

Here are a few of the pieces that were on display at the show and are currently available at bb interiors:




You can see more of Janice’s work on her website:  http://www.janicerangelart.com
bb interiors design showroom and retail boutique has been a single resource to complete design projects from an entire home to a single, beautifully selected piece that completes a room. Having original artwork truly allows us the opportunity to offer that single piece. We offer installation of your art and placement expertise. Placement is as personal as the art itself. It belongs where you can see it and enjoy it everyday. It is an extension of you and your homes aesthetic. We can help you chose the right piece to add to your beautiful home.

The Romance of Simon Pearce

Posted on: April 25th, 2016 by Claudia Beebe

Exceptionally brilliant yet intended for a lifetime of everyday use 

Simon Pearce Glassware – Designed and Crafted in the US

Stemware, serveware, barware, vases, frames, candle holders and more — using old world techniques, each Simon Pearce piece is individually handcrafted by master glassblowers. It takes up to 5 years to learn glassblowing and up to 10 years to become a master. Working in teams of 2, glassblowers gather a blob from a furnace than can get up to 4000 degrees. From the end of a blowing pipe, shapes begin either free form or in a wooden mold. All stems, handles and decorations are added and hand finished. Each artisan leaves his or her marks and nuances on the final creation making each piece one-of-a-kind.


Since its inception in the late 60’s, the clean design of Simon Pearce has allowed pieces to maintain their appeal for nearly 40 years. Some of their most popular initial designs remain today as best selling stems.

Their offering for May is a free option for monogramming on select pieces.

Personalizing these timeless designs make wonderful wedding, anniversary, birthday and Mother’s Day gifts. Only a select few dealers carry the Simon Pearce line and will be offering the free monogram.


                   Visit bb interiors and let one of our designers help you select the perfect gift.

A Wing by any Other Name

Posted on: March 28th, 2016 by Claudia Beebe

The wing chair began its design journey in late 17th century England. It was originally purposed as a “Sleeping Chayre,” to trap heat and provide protection from drafts in poorly insulated homes. The first chairs were kept in closets; they were often the warmest rooms in the house. The inside curve of this grand chair enveloped the sitter in total comfort from all sides. The chair evolved, adding horsehair padding and a lower seat making this chair attractive for more than just the closet.


In his 18th century version, famous cabinet maker, Thomas Chippendale, featured elegant wood carved legs, scrolled arms and over-sized wings. From there, the wing chair evolved into an all purpose chair suitable for dining tables, library’s and fireside chats.

This wonderfully versatile chair has found its way into modern day homes all over the world. The bustle back version, pictured below, was reupholstered by bb interiors for a gentlemen’s office. bb interiors put this handsome houndstooth fabric in the hands of our talented upholsterer and transformed this chair.


If you have that favorite chair that needs some TLC, stop in our showroom and let one of our talented designers find the perfect fabric to modernize your piece or create an heirloom.

bb interiors offers homeowners a single resource to complete any design project from an entire home to a single, beautifully selected piece that completes a room.



a bit of history …….

In 1987, the original “chayre” was rediscovered, appraised, and sold for a record $2.75 million at Sotheby’s. This was, at the time, the highest price ever paid for a piece of furniture at auction. It has been told that the original chair cost 4 pounds, 10 shillings.

Bustle Back Wing CB 2


Spring Found Its Way Into BB Interiors

Posted on: February 24th, 2016 by Claudia Beebe


What’s trending in the world of outdoor fabrics? Today’s selection of patterns and colors are unprecedented. Playful prints and sophisticated graphics are showing up along with the very traditional, tried and true stripes and beach-y solids. When you are considering fabric for outdoor use, you want to find a fabric that not only speaks to the style and design of your furniture but can withstand the elements. Solution dyed acrylic (outdoor fabric) is water-resistant; inhibits mildew growth; and is UV rated to withstand hours of sun exposure.

Ind.Outd fabric pic 2016

With solution-dyed acrylic fabric, the coloring takes place before the yarn is ever created. A liquid acrylic is mixed with color, formed into a fiber, then spun into yarn. These special pigments provide long-lasting performance yet the fabric remains colorfast and is soft, comfortable and breathable.

These fabrics are great for indoor use too. They are perfect for a busy kitchen or family room. It is a must for upholstered headboards and multi-functional rooms.

Stop in to see our extensive fabric library, “Claudia’s Library”,  and see her favorites. Our designers would love to work with you to create a look that’s perfect for your home.

Touch and feel the new generation of true multi-purpose fabrics. You’ll be amazed. Just for stopping by, you will receive the Sunbrella Upholstery Care and Cleaning Guide.

Fabric Ind.Out Care Sheet 2.2016

Hope to see you soon!!



Posted on: July 24th, 2015 by Heideh Fardi-Lindstrom

Recently I met a lovely couple that shared with me their design dilemma…having purchased a Traditional home though their prefered style was Contemporary. They wanted to know if I could help them transform a Traditional house into their ideal home and I was sure that we, the ladies at bb Ineriors and I, could.
I began by asking them to define their version of Contemporary style and asked  specific questions about their ideal home.  We then began to discuss the tones of color they’d like featured throughout their home and began the project by removing  the tradional molding from the walls in the dining room.


We then painted the living room and dining room in two compatible shades of grey. The more dramatic of the two colors we chose for the dining room- we were going to make a statement in that room.

Our next step was selecting the custom window treatment and upholstery pieces. We softened the palatte by introducing beige and soft yellow along with a few subtle patterns to bring some additional texture and layers to the rooms.



As you can see the Transitional sofa along with a Contemporary coffee and nesting tables allows us to pull the exterior and interior of the home together.


The lighting design is used as an artistic statement in a Contemporary interior and a statement piece we found. This Bubbles chandelier brought the dramatic effect we wanted into the dining room; for the family room we chose floor lamps with staright lines and sleek metallic finishes to compliment the other case goods in the room.

With the help of the right designers and products from bb Interiors we helped our couple begin their journey of building their ideal home. More to come as we continue to layer and build their personality  into these rooms and other rooms in their home.
Until next time..

Cape Cod Chips… I think not!

Posted on: July 6th, 2015 by Heideh Fardi-Lindstrom

When British colonists traveled to the “New World” they brought a housing style so practical that it endured through the ages.image
The modern day Cape Cod houses you see in nearly every part of North America are modeled after the rugged architecture of Colonial New England.image
These houses were designed for easy construction and efficient heating. Cape Cod homes were an economical answer to Americans home owning ambitions.
Lack of resources, time and money, these were the factors that led to the intimate size for many Cape Cod style houses popular in the middle of the 20th century.image
The key characteristics of the style include symmetrical window placement, shingles or wood clap boards, center chimney and entry.
The modern day capecod consists of most of the same characteristics with one distinct difference…the size of the home.imageimage

B is for Bungalow

Posted on: June 22nd, 2015 by Heideh Fardi-Lindstrom

“Bungalow style homes describes a small one or one and-a-half story home.” imagepinterest
The word Bungalow is derived from the Hindi word Bangla and were first built in India in the mid nineteenth century by the British as an informal, easily constructed, one story rest home for travelers. imageactivetain
The structure generally has large porches sheltered by wide over hanging eaves- a perfect way to deal with hot sunny climates. Other features of the Bungalow are its small interior, pitched roof and sparse decoration. Stylistically, the Bungalow’s simplicity was part of its charm and a departure from the ornate Victorian styles.imagefrontporchideas
At the height of the styles popularity, several companies sold Bungalow kits through mail order catalogs. Most of these kits supplied all the necessary components, including lumber, to build your new home.imageabout.com
Today “a Bungalow style home can be difficult to define simply because while all Bungalows have similar interior planning and design features, they also exist as influenced by a number of diverse exterior architectural styles. “Some of the new Bungalow styles are Cottage, Cabin, Rustic, Craftsman, California, Prairie and Tudor.imagehmit2009