Create a Tablescape: Selecting Fabrics to Set a Beautiful Scene

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Create a Tablescape: Selecting Fabrics to Set a Beautiful Scene

Posted on: August 30th, 2017 by Claudia Beebe

Create a Tablescape: Selecting Fabrics to Set a Beautiful Scene

Design an Inviting Table with Linens that Showcase your Style

At BB Interiors, we believe that the act of gathering loved ones around the table is itself a special occasion, whether it’s for a holiday party, birthday celebration, charity event or a simple Saturday night dinner with good friends. Setting a beautiful, unique table doesn’t require a shopping spree or event-specific accents: just some thoughtful arranging and mindfulness of color, function and theme can make your guests feel celebrated and create a festive mood.

To design an eye-catching tablescape, start with the largest piece of the puzzle—the fabrics on your tabletop. With a variety of colors, materials and sizes to choose from, picking the perfect linens can take a discerning eye. Here are a few ideas to help you find the right fit.

If you have a gorgeous table to showcase

A stunning table runner is a great solution that lets you customize a table setting to fit your event’s theme, while also allowing the beauty of your furniture to shine through. Depending on your table length and your personal preference, choose a longer runner with ends that hang over the edges of the table, creating a sense of opulence and giving the table surface a more streamlined look or a shorter one, so the entire runner is visible on the tabletop, making it the central statement piece you build upon with smaller accents. Use complementary placemats, chargers, napkins, glassware and silverware to delineate each place setting. A sprinkling of smaller floral arrangements can add a pretty, polished touch without stealing the spotlight away from the runner and the table itself.

If you want to make a statement

A single-layer tablecloth can pack a serious punch. Use one in a wow-worthy fabric to quickly transform the table and emphasize your event theme or color scheme. To accent a rectangular or square table in a unique way, set a square table topper on a diagonal. There’s an infinitely wide range of colors and patterns available, so take the time to find a linen that matches your event’s mood—traditional textiles for a classic look, modern, sleek pieces for contemporary flair or high-end designs and fabrics for a luxe statement. Pair with simple place settings that let the linens stand out: Think strong symmetry, monochromatic colors and clean lines that bring the focus to the fabric.

If you have a big, busy event or table legs you don’t love

Sometimes you have a large guest list (the more, the merrier, right?) and you need to make a temporary table look like a million bucks. The trick to pulling that off? Creating a rich, warm feeling with layered fabrics—a smaller table topper over a longer tablecloth. This technique also helps disguise unsightly table legs. When layering tablecloths, choose one to be the focal point; perhaps a fabric with a complex pattern or bold color scheme. The underlayer should then be complementary but more subtle, such as a solid color or toned-down complementary texture.

To add depth to your final tablescape, consider place settings and centerpieces that combine different colors, patterns, and textures with an extra touch of shine. Accessories like silverware, candlesticks, votive holders and napkin rings are all pieces that can add a bit of sparkle and light to your table.

Once you’ve assembled a breathtaking tablescape, you’ll be ready to greet your guests, gather around the table, and enjoy good food and great conversation. To find more inspiration and browse a gorgeous selection of tabletop fabrics, shop Shine Handmade at BB Interiors’ Geneva showroom.

It Starts With The Rug: Designing A Room From The Ground Up

Posted on: August 9th, 2017 by Claudia Beebe

It Starts With The Rug: Building A Room From The Ground Up

The BB Interiors Bottom-Up Approach to Design Considers Your Floorcoverings First

When designing a room, whether it’s a blank slate or a refresh, you work in layers. You have a lot of choices to make, and the best way to work is from the bottom up. That means start with the rug! Before you can choose your furniture or accessories, the rug is the foundation should guide the color and material choices of the space you create around it. This bottom-up approach is central to the BB Interiors method. Here’s how to make it work for you.

Identify Your Budget

Natural materials tend to be more expensive, with wool clocking in as the priciest option compared to cotton and sisal. Synthetic materials including polypropylene and nylon will be less expensive, and some can be styled to mimic the look of pricier, natural material rugs. As you get a sense of the style you’re looking for, limit your search by the boundaries of your budget. Expected wear-and-tear, the lifespan of your rug and how easy or difficult it will be to clean and maintain are also factors to consider when setting your price point: a rug you have to replace in three years may be pricier in the long run than an investment piece that will last a lifetime. Narrowing that down brings us to item two: decide how you will use this rug.

Identify Your Lifestyle Needs

Think about how you will use the room that contains this rug. Will it weather a lot of traffic, like a hallway, mudroom or well-used family room? If so, wool is resilient and stain-repellant; wool and cotton are easy to clean. Jute and its cousin, hemp, are harder to clean, and can be rough and scratchy, so they may not be right for a room where kids will be playing or sitting on the floor. If you have pets, sun exposure or lots of foot traffic, synthetic rugs may be a good choice.

Start With The Material

It may be tempting to begin your rug search with a palette or style in mind, but trust us: material must come first. If you fall in love with a thick, knitted natural wool rug, or the rustic look of jute regardless of how it fits into your color scheme, it won’t matter what your initial vision was. And if your budget just won’t allow for a luxe statement piece, you don’t want to plan your room around one. The main materials you’ll choose from are wool, polypropylene, nylon, cotton, silk and sisal. To help you narrow down your material choices, ask yourself two questions: what is my budget, and what do I need from this rug?

Think About Size and Shape

Now you’ve got a material in mind—but we’re still not ready to shop. Next, we need to nail down the shape and size of the rug you need. If the furniture for the room has already been selected, then those pieces, plus the size and shape of the space, will make a big difference. Do you want your rug to fill the room, or create an area of interest within the larger space? Do you want more than one rug in the room? If there are couches and chairs in the mix, will the rug stop in front of them or extend beneath them? There are also shapes to consider: most common are rectangular, oval, square, round, irregular or long, narrow runners.


With your rug material, size and shape in mind, you’re ready to find The One. Then we can start the work of pulling the rest of your room together. Follow your heart when choosing the right rug for your space, because it will be the centerpiece—figuratively and literally—of everything else you assemble to create that unique space. Finding the right combination of pieces that mix and match to send the right message is part art, part science, and we’re experts at both. Need a hand? Get in touch with BB Interiors today!