A Wing by any Other Name

A Wing by any Other Name

Posted on: March 28th, 2016 by Claudia Beebe

The wing chair began its design journey in late 17th century England. It was originally purposed as a “Sleeping Chayre,” to trap heat and provide protection from drafts in poorly insulated homes. The first chairs were kept in closets; they were often the warmest rooms in the house. The inside curve of this grand chair enveloped the sitter in total comfort from all sides. The chair evolved, adding horsehair padding and a lower seat making this chair attractive for more than just the closet.


In his 18th century version, famous cabinet maker, Thomas Chippendale, featured elegant wood carved legs, scrolled arms and over-sized wings. From there, the wing chair evolved into an all purpose chair suitable for dining tables, library’s and fireside chats.

This wonderfully versatile chair has found its way into modern day homes all over the world. The bustle back version, pictured below, was reupholstered by bb interiors for a gentlemen’s office. bb interiors put this handsome houndstooth fabric in the hands of our talented upholsterer and transformed this chair.


If you have that favorite chair that needs some TLC, stop in our showroom and let one of our talented designers find the perfect fabric to modernize your piece or create an heirloom.

bb interiors offers homeowners a single resource to complete any design project from an entire home to a single, beautifully selected piece that completes a room.



a bit of history …….

In 1987, the original “chayre” was rediscovered, appraised, and sold for a record $2.75 million at Sotheby’s. This was, at the time, the highest price ever paid for a piece of furniture at auction. It has been told that the original chair cost 4 pounds, 10 shillings.

Bustle Back Wing CB 2