Profiles in Style: Transitional Design

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Profiles in Style: Transitional Design

Posted on: January 24th, 2018 by Claudia Beebe

How transitional Design blends traditional and modern styles to create our signature look

Transitional design is best described as a new take on old classics and serves as the foundation for elegant and purposeful design. A home designed in transitional style may include a mix of ornate curves and clean lines, smooth industrial surfaces and textured fabrics. The options are endless, which offers our design team a challenge we love: blending the best of contemporary and traditional design to create a home that’s as unique as every client.

Here are some hallmarks of transitional design and some suggestions (and inspiration!) to help you incorporate it into your home.

A Neutral Foundation

A signature element of transitional style is using neutral colors as the room’s backdrop, to allow bolder statement pieces and colors to complete the design. Serene shades of taupe, grey, camel or white create a serene atmosphere, while more ornate architectural pieces and accent colors can speak to the individual’s unique taste.

Townhouse dinner tableCouch with decorative pillows

The pale taupe and grey walls created a sophisticated frame for the dark wood furniture and blue and yellow accessories. We love how the elaborate lines on the throw pillows, dining room chairs and chandelier are striking without making the room seem too busy.

Clean Lines, Ornate Details

Transitional style is all about incorporating diverse architectural elements that reference the opulence of traditional design in a sleek, modern way. Think of a chaise lounge with straight legs but a subtly curved backrest, or a rectangular marble dining table offset by upholstered chairs.

Townhouse Living Room chairsTownhouse Living Room sofa

To complete the room, we set an orchid with a subtle curve next to a round-bodied statement vase atop an industrial coffee table to play with this contrast.

Varied Textures

When incorporating pieces and accessories from diverse periods and styles into a transitional space, playing with different textures, instead of a broad array of colors, can create visual interest and movement without being distracting. A carefully chosen rug in a neutral tone can accentuate polished hardwood floors, without overwhelming the space. Texture can also be implied through patterns, as seen in the damask-printed curtains and gingham armchairs, which are both distinctive despite having the same color palette.

buffet with brass fixtures and an antique silhouette paired with a sleek modern lamp in the same shade of muted goldTownhouse

Our designers paired this buffet, with brass fixtures and an antique silhouette, with a sleek modern lamp in the same shade of muted gold to bridge the gap between both styles.

Thoughtful Accessories

Use a minimalist approach when selecting accessories to display, focusing on iconic pieces that have meaning to anchor your style profile. Transitional style encourages the pairing of unexpected opposites to assemble a dynamic, timeless space. Be equally thoughtful about the functional components of a room’s decor. Lights serve a practical purpose, but should also be decorative. Make choices like window treatments purposeful style decisions for a cohesive look that embodies “less is more.”


The little alcove by the fireplace in this example home showcases how simple colors allow personal touches to shine through. The embellished ceiling lamp above this dining table complements the matching square lamps on the sideboard perfectly.


The fusion of modern and traditional elements allows transitional style to work in any home, with plenty of room for personal flair to shine through. bb Interiors specializes in home redesigns, and we’re happy to help you reimagine any room, or tie together your whole home. Contact us for a consultation today.

Top Interior Design Trends of 2018

Posted on: January 10th, 2018 by Claudia Beebe

Our predictions for the biggest interior trends you’ll see everywhere this year

chic living room

Each new year brings an opportunity to explore exciting new trends in interior design. Predicting the next big thing is part art, part science, and we find our experience and expertise helps us anticipate styles and accessories that are poised for a “moment.” Take a sneak peek at our forecast for 2018’s top interior design trends.

Color Saturation

White chair with decorative pillow

Photo courtesy of Global Views

Expect distinct color families to dominate redesigned spaces this year, tying together expansive living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms with fabrics, wall colors and accessories that complement. The are three palettes we think you’ll see the most this year: bold jewel tones, shiny metallics and lots of crisp, synchronized neutrals.

Neutrals: Along with the ever-popular gray, we predict beige and brown will make a comeback, which makes space for bursts of pattern, like ginghams, paisleys and ikat. A consistent holdout: the timeless combination of black and white, which isn’t going anywhere in 2018.

Metallics: Expect a lot of shine to catch your eye this year. A touch of shine glint from metallic fabrics and objects on lamps, pillows, curtains, and furniture. After a brief hiatus, we think it iridescent accents are overdue for a reappearance. This year we’ve seen mixed metals gain traction in jewelry, which we expect will carry over to interiors. Brass is popular once again, and silver has never gone away.

Intense colors: Bold and rich hues will make a statement this year in fabrics, furniture and window treatments. Think red and orange, bright blue, green and fuschia: jewel tones will be back in a big way. These vivid colors can be used in large or small doses, but keep the big-picture design in mind—don’t overdo it.

Global Inspiration

As travel and technology make our world more accessible, elements inspired by broader natural and cultural aesthetics will make a big appearance in our everyday designs.

Natural & Organic: An overabundance of screens and social media is driving many of us to escape to the outdoors, simplify and connect with nature, an impulse we think will carry over into interior design trends. In 2018 we’ll see more of nature’s beauty indoors with woods of all tones in home accessories, furniture and accent walls and natural, undyed fibers in upholstery, rugs and window treatments: think linen, jute, wool and hemp. Subtle nods to the ocean may also surface in small ways, with details like scalloped tiles, nautical colors and tropical prints.

Global Culture Touchstones: Unique elements collected on homeowners’ world travels will take center stage in 2018 design. Blending artifacts, patterns and styles from diverse cultures against edgy urban backdrops that feature materials like brick and cement will keep things fresh. Think throw pillows in bright African prints or featuring treatments like batik, subtle design elements like fringe, and artwork that tells the story of your travels.

Time Travel

Photo Courtesy of Eichholtz

As our world becomes more fast-paced, digital and modern, we think the pendulum will soon swing back, away from Apple-inspired sleek minimalism and towards vintage and old-world styles and elements revisited in a modern way.]

Mid-Century Details: We don’t recommend overhauling your furniture to keep up with every print, pattern and fabric trend trend, since those can fluctuate wildly from year to year. But we think that small, key structural elements inspired by Mid-Century stylings have more staying power. Woods like teak are back in a big way, and functional detailing with an abstract twist, like the shape of an armrest or the taper of an armchair or couch leg, can modernize a piece with a style upgrade that will last.

Heirloom Artifacts: Whether you have genuine family heirlooms that you treasure or collect antiques (or reproductions) that hearken back to the past, 2018 will be a great time to make them a focal point, especially in contrast with more modern pieces and fixtures.

Paper and Lettering: While we’ve all gone digital, interior design this year will find ways to honor more traditional and literary forms of communication. There’s room in your home for stacks of books, paper elements, typography and handwritten prints as a design element, even if they’re sitting atop an end table next to your iPad charger. We source the books we sell in our shop from independent booksellers across the country to offer selections with unique titles, color schemes and fonts to fit any style.


Feeling inspired? These trends can guide you to a chic look that’s of the moment, but with pieces you’ll love for a lifetime. When it comes to interiors, it’s less about chasing fads, and more about finding things that spark joy in unexpected places. If you’re ready to find fresh inspiration get in touch with our design experts, or visit our Geneva showroom to see these trends in action in new, creative ways.